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Finding True Freedom: “Prisons Without Bars” (P1)

Watch this
week’s message

Finding True Freedom: “Prisons Without Bars” (P1)

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Finding True Freedom: “Prisons Without Bars” (P1)

Listen to
this week’s message

Finding True Freedom: “Prisons Without Bars” (P1)

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Popular Series

What Happens When We Die?

Biblical answers to one of the most frequently asked questions including: what happens to you and me? to the unborn babies, infants, and children?

“Deliver us from the Evil One” The Origin of angels, satan, demons, and sin

This five part series answers questions people often ask for which sound biblical teaching is hard to find. Each message provides answers straight from God’s Word.

Signs of the End Times in Jesus’ Own Words

Most people are concerned or curious about when and how the world will end. How did Jesus answer His disciples? Why are His words about Sodom and Gomorrah and the “days of Noah” so relevant to today?

What You Believe Matters... WHO You Believe Matters More

What people believe matters. It forms the basis of values and worldview. Who you believe matters more because that defines your ultimate authority in life. This series moves from a human perspective to a biblical one.

LIVING PROOF: Developing a Biblical Christian Worldview

This series takes Christians thru the fundamentals of the faith and into understanding worldviews, secular and Christian, to help you learn to love and live more like Jesus in a world desperate for hope.

Disappointment with God

The Holy Spirit taught me if this place of disappointment with God cannot be left unattended.
Disappointment leads to discontentment. Discontentment leads to discouragement. Discouragement leads to depression. Finally, for too many people…destruction.

Biblical Truth for Today’s Culture

God is Pro-Life

The title says it all. What the Word of God has to say about life from conception and the consequences for those who take the lives of His “innocents”

The Rainbow Belongs to God

These messages provide clear biblical teaching on God’s plans for mankind vs the agendas of secular groups to re-write Scripture. Christians must take a biblical position that clearly communicates truth and the love of God.

The Death of a Nation Beyond Sodom and Gomorrah

Most Christians are unfamiliar with the detailed history presented in Genesis, where these cities were obliterated by fire and brimstone. Jesus spoke of them again, this time related to the depth of sin in His world and ours.

Questions for God

Does My Life Matter?

Perhaps the most important life question some ask out loud and others internally. I have good news for you. Your life matters to God because He said so…

Why Would a Good God Let Bad Things Happen to Good People?

When something “bad” happens most people blame God. Did He cause it, allow it, or just did not care? He answers this question Himself through His Word.

How Can Anyone Understand God?

This is one of the hardest questions anyone can ask. The answers are found in God’s revelation to us about Himself. This message helps you find them in His Word.

Can God Forgive Me No Matter What I ‘ve Done?

The answers are “Yes” and “It Depends”. This message explains there is no sin so great He canot forgive and the one sin He will not.

How Do I Become a Christian?

This is the most important question everyone must answer. Jesus clearly told us the answer. From that point forward in Scripture, the Apostles reinforced His message. You will find the answer here.

How do I Grow in My Faith to become more like Jesus?

Jesus chose twelve Disciples and many other disciples joined them. Disciple means student or learner. What Jesus taught and expected them to follow applies to us as well.

Review Walter’s Most Recent Books

When the Lost Get Found

Walter’s latest book offers a fresh look at Jesus’ story of the Prodigal Son with your story paralleling his. Women and men will see themselves through the attitudes and decisions of the characters and consequences they carry. You will find new or hidden areas in your life God is revealing to help on your journey through life.

All Men Are Desperate...

This book is about men for men that takes us on a three-part journey through our lives. We examine how men get into desperate places and how we get out. Each chapter ends with tough questions that make it a great small group study as well. Questions about yourself. Questions about life. Questions about God.