Tag: Forgiveness

REGARDLESS – Life change can begin once broken men understand God loves us regardless of what we have done.

The Faithfulness of God – The Most Reassuring Thought of All

The journey to the Cross makes men spectators. The journey through it makes us participants. The difference has eternal significance!

Adultery in any form breaks relationships – The Love and Mercy of God Offer Forgiveness and Healing

Sinful Anger and Unforgiveness Are Prisons Without Bars – Freedom comes with Reconciliation

Matthew 28:19-20 – Jesus’ Last Command not a Suggestion

We are all “convicts” who can receive full pardon in Christ and Power to live

Debt Paid – Road Paved- What are you waiting for?

The Desperation of God

Cherry-picking the Attributes of God – Please pass this one along to family and friends